"Quality is a core element and it sets the basis of a company leading position on the global market."

PROMEL can boast a solid Quality System, continuously shared with the major Customers and monitored in the application with strategic Suppliers.
The culture of “Applied Quality” is transmitted to all Personnel through a constant work of dissemination and awareness; internal checks, carried out regularly at each Division, allow the PROMEL Quality System to be kept in line with the continuous evolution of company dynamics. The audits, which the Company is subject to several times a year, highlight the close relationship between the pillars of Quality and each individual process, making the act of qualification a company experience rather than a formality.
PROMEL guarantee compliance with the mandatory aspects relating to the T&RS (Technical Regulations and standards) of the countries in which the products/services are supplied.
Risk Based Thinking is applied to all processes and a code of ethics is adopted together with the Quality Policy.