Engineering Services

PROMEL was originally and engineering company and since its foundation it has tried to boost this department by providing its own engineers with adequate project platforms and thus provide a complete service to its customers: from basic to detail engineering, from the research and development phase to industrial design.

The engineering department operates in different sectors: mechanical, electronic, electro-instrumental design, control and monitoring systems.
Technical plants engineering was added to that with the support of a company working since long time in the petrochemical, power generation, waste-to-energy plants and sewage purification.

Our competences and the available instrumentation enable us to cover a great range of services.

Design and development of electronic and mechanical systems

Thanks to the experience gained since its establishment and the resources available, PROMEL proposes itself as a partner for the development of complete systems, both electronic and mechanical, for various application sectors.

Within PROMEL there are several teams of designers, each specialized in a sector; an exchange of knowledge and skills between the various groups allows a multidisciplinary approach to projects and the possibility of providing customers with complete solutions.

PROMEL carries out:
– Design of boards, electronic devices and systems, including safety ones (ref. Standards EN 61508, EN 61511); – Design of automatic machines for specific uses;
– Design of systems for industrial automation;
– Design of testing equipment;
– Design of equipment for mechanical processing;
– Design of equipment for testing and adjusting optical systems;
– Preparation of electrical diagrams and mechanical drawings for railway vehicles (plant arrangement studies, cable passage, air ducts, fairing design,….);
– development of prototypes and kinematics with the aid of 2D (Autocad) and 3D (Pro-e, Inventor, CATIA) graphic programs.

All PROMEL activities are inspired by two main objectives:
to transform the Client’s ideas first into technically advanced projects and then into valid products;
increase their skills and experiences.

PROMEL’s actions are characterized by compliance with quality requirements at all stages of development and constant attention to costs and development times.

Software development

In PROMEL systems based on microcontroller (using the languages C, C ++, C #, Visual Basic) and systems with PLC are developed; it is therefore possible to provide advice on this type of application. The following PLC families are used:

  • SpeedTronic Mark V – Mark VI – Mark Vie, Mark VIeS
  • WOODWARD 505

PROMEL has the ability to create safety systems (EN 61508, EN 61511). • PROMEL has the certification for the development of EQP systems – Eagle Quantum Premier Det-tronix (security systems). • It is possible to develop applications in LabVIEW: test systems, data acquisition, signal processing, instrument control. • It is possible to configure graphic pages for HMI interface in control systems using dedicated software tools (RSView32, Citect, Cimplicity, …).

Basic and detailed engineering

PROMEL provides consulting for basic ad detailed engineering. Thanks to its qualified engineers PROMEL can guarantee the highest efficiency in understanding and solving Customers’ issues:

  • Procurement specifications
  • Basic and detailed engineering also according to customers’ specifications for
  • industrial, petrochemical and energy production plants, cogeneration and energy recovery
  • Process engineering and auxiliaries
  • Maintenance and assistance engineering with the use of three-dimensional techniques
  • Flow diagrams and P&ID
  • Electronic, electric and instrumentation engineering

Feasibility Studies

PROMEL is present in the field of Engineering also as a consulting and research group for feasibility studies.
These are the provided services:

  • Engineering for procurement
  • Structural tests
  • Activity planning

Focus of Promel Engineering Services

Industrial design Electronic and mechanical systems development Mechanical design plant engineering Electronics engineering Electro-instrumental Engineering research and development Mechanical industry software development Control systems


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