Notice pursuant to art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 Processing of personal data

(ISO 27001:2013) Ref. MGQ04/F:2015

The undersigned company informs that, in light of the entry into force of the aforementioned regulation, the commencement or continuation of the existing contractual relationships with you may entail the processing of data related to your company and/or its legal representative, within the extent to which they are understood as personal by the law.

With reference to said data we inform you that, as required by the Regulation, the personal data must be:

  • processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner;
  • collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  • exact and updated, and all reasonable measures must be taken to erase or rectify inaccurate data in a timely manner;
  • kept in a form that allows identification of data subjects for a period of time not exceeding the achievement of the purposes forwhich they are processed;
  • processed in such a way as to assure adequate safety thereof.According to articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679, therefore, we provide the following information:
    1. Data Controller
      The Data Controller is PROMEL S.r.l. with headquarters in Via G. Rossa, 24 – Cascine del Riccio – 50023 Impruneta (FI) – Italy (EU), Tax Code, Florence Business Register, VAT number 03768400487 – Chamber of Commerce and Industry FLORENCE E.A.I. 386361, in the person of its Legal representative pro tempore (CEO), Mr. Tommaso Cecchi, who ensures compliance with the regulations regarding the protection of personal data.
    2. Purpose of the processing
      1. a)  The data are processed in relation to the contractual requirements and for the fulfilment of the legal and administrative obligations deriving therefrom, as well as to allow for more effective management of business relationships. The data are processed on paper, magnetic, digital or computer media;
      2. b)  The data are processed for operational reasons by appointed employees, as well as by external associates who maintain relations of an administrative, accounting, tax, commercial and technical nature:
      3. c)  The provision of the data is mandatory to meet the legal and contractual obligations and therefore any refusal to supply them in whole or in part might make it impossible for the undersigned to carry out said contractual relationships;
      4. d)  Without prejudice to the communication and dissemination of data carried out in compliance with legal and contractual obligations, the data may be disclosed, for purposes within normal economic activity and the best management and protection of credit, to:
        • professionals
        • sales agents
        • credit institutions
        • debt collection companies
        • consultants
        • service companies.
    3. Data retention periodYour data shall be kept for a maximum period of 10 years from the last recording, or a reasonably short time if the company has acquired sensitive data no longer indispensable to process the payroll and the legal obligations set forth towards the tax, social security and insurance authorities, or if it is ascertained that the data have been processed unlawfully.
    4. Legal basis of the processingThe legal basis of the processing lies in the correct execution of commercial and contractual relationships between ourcompanies, as well as in the consent form attached hereto.
    5. Rights of the data subjectYou can at any time request the Data Controller referred to in point 1., access to your data, their rectification, erasure, or limitation to their processing. You can also exercise, in the same manner, the right to data portability to another Data Controller or object to processing, in addition to withdrawing consent to processing, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent acquired before the withdrawal.The aforementioned rights may be exercised by written notice to be sent by e-mail to the Data Controller at the address or by registered letter to the address.

      6. Complaint to the Supervisory Authority

      You have the right to file a complaint with the Supervisory Authority, specifically the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data in case of non-compliance by the company with the provisions in the previous points. The complaint may be filed in the following manners:

      1. a)  by registered letter with return receipt addressed to the Authority for the protection of personal data, Piazza di MonteCitorio, 121 00186 Rome Italy;
      2. b)  by e-mail to: [email protected], or [email protected];
      3. c)  by fax to the number: +39 06 696773785.PROMEL S.r.l.

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