In the industrial automation sector, PROMEL® realizes integrated control, protection and supervision systems, with the ability to manage both stand-alone and turnkey solutions, thanks to its technical staff and the experience accumulated over years of work in the heavy industrial and energy sector.

In years of activity in the Oil & Gas sector, PROMEL has applied the technical standards of the major players in this business. Machine manufacturers such as: EXXON MOBIL, ENI, SHELL, CHEVRON, PETROBRAS, SNAM RG, PEMEX, SAUDI ARAMCO, TOTAL, CONOCO PHILLIPS, PETRONAS.
EPC companies such as:

Thanks to these experiences and knowledge, PROMEL is today a recognized world leader for the supply / integration of control systems, capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements. The skills and methodologies acquired have allowed PROMEL to successfully tackle applications aimed at the industrial control field for operating machines.


In addition to the oil & gas sector, our latest experiences as systems integrators have extended to the sector of energy production from alternative sources. In this sector we have collaborated for the development and design of a reactor based on thermochemical biomass conversion processes. Also in this case we have provided the detailed design, software development, construction of the control system prototype and installation on the system. We are currently continuing the collaboration for the final development of the prototype.

In the raw material recycling and recovery sector we have designed and supplied the control system for the management of a tire raw material plant. As above we have provided design, development of the operating logic, construction and commissioning of the prototype. The collaboration is continuing for the commissioning on the prototype plant. We also provide integration of various types of systems even at a lower level according to customer specifications.

Promel has been operating in the Oil & Gas sector since 1991, first as integrators of operator display systems, then as integrators of control and safety systems. The control systems are mostly addressed to the control of gas turbines, steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors. As a control system we mean a programmable logic controller (PLC) equipped with an operator interface, inserted in a structure (industrial cabinet) which includes all the necessary interfaces (terminal blocks) towards the unit to be controlled (turbine, compressor or apparatus that requires the control of the operating process).

Our activity as integrators consists of the following: – Execution of detailed engineering (bill of materials, Layout, wiring diagrams, logic diagrams, test procedures etc.) – Execution of software engineering, programming of the controller (PLC) by customizing according to customer requests, execution of the graphic pages containing the operator interfaces that allow the management, control and diagnostics of the system – Purchase of the components necessary for the construction of the system from the cabinets, to the PLCs and the necessary accessories – Assembly and wiring of the systems – Execution of the functional test of the system with the use of static or dynamic simulators and also through remote activities.

List of experiences on programmable controllers (PLC) on the market:

SIEMENS GE FANUC A&B ROCKWELL AUTOMATION GE MKV, MKVI, MKVIe / S TRICONEX HIMA DETRONICS We are also able to provide personnel for commissioning and start up of the system at the customer’s site, to provide assistance both on site and remotely. We are able to provide personnel to carry out site checks and surveys.



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Services & assistance for Industrial Automation Systems Promel ®

On site survey and technical consultancy

Our manpower has matured a long experience in oilfield activities and is available for our customers to detect the most adequate solutions for industrial automation ad site production issues.
We can provide qualified manpower for survey, work managing and supervising activities for Control Systems commissioning and start up.

Assistance, commissioning & start-up

PROMEL maintains since a long time a leading position for the commissioning and start up activities of its own control systems. Indeed we can also provide assistance as:

  • Qualified technical assistance
  • Supervision of plant and wiring
  • Pre-start up tests and control systems initialisation
  • Commissioning and start up of plants

According to such activities we can provide different experts (electricians, commissioning staff, instrumentation engineers, systems developers) that can operate on different kinds of plants (onshore / offshore).

Technical training classes for operators

Our long experience in the technical sector has taught us the importance of preparing responsible operators in the use and maintenance of equipments.

With its highly qualified engineers in software development and programming of control systems PROMEL can provide an adequate training service for operators. Our background enables us to transfer to the trainees a high degree of knowledge and prepare them to cope with the control systems that they are required to manage.

Classes can occur directly on site, at the customer’s headquarters or at our headquarters where a dedicated training room is available.


PROMEL can develop various engineering activities. Hardware engineering

  • control system architecture
  • list of I / O signals with treatment
  • power distribution scheme inside the switchboard
  • component purchase specification
  • arrangement of the components inside the panel
  • wiring of the control panel
  • lists of interconnection cables and related cabling.

Software engineering

definition of the functional specification and / or logic diagrams
configuration of the various protection systems (for example Bently Nevada, Generator Protection)
programming of the various types of PLCs (GE IP, SIEMENS, ALLEN BRADLEY, ABB, HIMA, DetTronics, Mark V, Mark VI, Mark VIe, Mark VIeS, MICRONET….)
configuration of graphic pages for HMI (Cimplicity, CITECT, RS View 32…).

Upon request, PROMEL can acquire the customer’s basic design and develop the detailed engineering.


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In recent years, PROMEL has supplied hundreds of control system applications of various types.
– Plant control panels with distributed architecture, based on RIO and CPU of GE IP.
– Control panels for cable winding machines based on SIEMENS PLC model SIMOTION.Control panels for machines produced by GE Oil & Gas (centrifugal / axial / reciprocating compressors, driven by gas turbine / steam turbine / expanders / electric motors and electric generators driven by turbine gas / steam turbine / expanders). The switchboards consist of various configurations of the following main components installed in different cabinets and interconnected with each other:
dressing of the wardrobe with fans, anti-condensation heaters, light and socket;
– Power distribution system inside the switchboard starting from available external sources (normally the network and UPS);
main machine controller of one of the following families:
SpeedTronic MarkV, MarkVI, MarkVIe
– Bently Nevada 3500 vibration protection systems;
– Fire protection systems (FGP-04 / FGP-05 / HIMA / DET-TRONIC / ALLEN BRADLEY);
– HIMA / ALLEN BRADLEY / MARK VIeS security systems;
– Active and / or passive barriers for intrinsic safety circuits;
– Relay and / or galvanic separators interface to the outside of the panel;
– Performance monitoring systems (Torquemeters);
– Networking of the various components installed;
– Human / machine interface systems (HMI);
– Anti-pumping regulation systems and load distribution of CCC centrifugal compressors (Series 3 ++ / Vanguard);
– Electric generator protection systems (G60, SEL700G);
– Electric generator synchronization systems.

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