PROMEL® Integrated Control Systems

Integrated Control Systems

PLC Based

PROMEL designs, develops and supplies Control Systems for the Power generation and oil & gas compression sectors by using various types of market established PLC. The main applications of its systems are the followings:

  • Power generators coupled to gas turbines, steam turbines or also diesel or gas motors. According to the controller we can provide all the load regulation and sharing activities apart from the normal unit management functions.
  • Centrifugal, reciprocating compressors and pumps driven by gas, steam turbines and electric motors for pumping, compression and natural gas or water injection, rude oil extraction and pumping.

PROMEL can use the features of the already existing controllers to the highest degree to manage and protect these applications, by not only guaranteeing the normal control functions but also the necessary protections to assure the safety standards required by the customers.

Indeed thanks to its great experience with our customers and in the development of such applications, PROMEL can engineer a tailor made management software by providing a series of auxiliary functions as:

  • Antisurge protection
  • Load sharing
  • Tailor made trending