Can coins be wrapped automatically after their counting? 

Yes. Between the accessories, the practical supports for paper tubes are available for many models..


How counting sessions can be reported? 

“la Conta Dividi” makes available many information as default via its display, printout tickets and/or its USB port..


Does la Conta Dividi coin counting machine detect fake coins? Yes, all models provided of MVP technology identify counterfeit coins and reject them..


Are any personalized accessories available?

Yes, la Conta Dividi can be as equipped of accessories for the most common needs, as provided of customized optionals for special needs: transportation (bags and e supports), wrapping (paper tubes holders), connectivity and recording (Archimede)..


How does la Conta Dividi count coins?

Models provided with the MVP technology are equipped with a sensor group, able to analyse every coin in its shape and physical composition.


Can any Conta Dividi coin counting machine manage more currencies? 

Yes. Models with MVP technology can recognize coins of different currencies automatically..


Do Conta Dividi coin counting machine work only with Euro coins?

No. la Conta Dividi supports many currencies both in Europe and in extra European Countries.


Can Conta Dividi coin counting machine be connected with my Management Application?

Yes. PROMEL cooperates with many Software Houses developing Management Software in Italy..